In continuation of the "Catalogue of the Bursidae" (cf. „Zoologische Mededeelingen", vol. 14, p. 224, 1932), I now publish a list of the Cymatiidae in the collection of our Museum, after having revised that family. We are indebted to the work of KESTEVEN, DALL, PILSBRY & VANATTA, IREDALE, and others, for a more rational classification of the Cymatiidae. This family was formerly composed of two genera, viz. "Ranella" and "Triton" of older authors. In this century, however, as a result of researches on the dentition and the characters of the shell, these two genera have been placed into two separated families: the Cymatiidae and the Bursidae; moreover, according to the above-mentioned characteristics, the tritonoid "Ranellae", belonging to the sections Apollon and Biplex are added to the former. The family of the Cymatiidae contains now, if we follow THIELE'S interpretation, the following genera: Argobuccinum Bruguière; Cymatium Roding; Distortrix Link; Charonia Gistel. Moreover, many species, included formerly in the section Epidromus of "Triton", have been transferred to other families Buccinidae and Muricidae, on account of their anatomical characteristics and peculiarities of the shell. The bulk of the collection of the Leyden Museum, of course consists of specimens from our colonies and principally from different localities