INTRODUCTION Since the publication of my paper on the avifauna of Misool (Mees, 1965), no ornithological work has been done on the island, but a record of one additional species has come to my notice. This raises the number of species now known from the island to 166 (168 forms). The previous paper contained an enumeration of material in our collection; in subsequent years I have found a few more specimens and although these do not add anything of significance to the knowledge of the avifauna of Misool, they will be listed here for the sake of completeness. The Zoölogisch Museum, Amsterdam, possesses a few bird skins from Misool and these have also been included. Some of the skins of the Zoölogisch Museum bear no data other than the name of the island; these specimens have been mounted and, evidently for that reason, have had their original labels removed. As all except one belong to species well known to occur on Misool, I have listed them without comment. The one exception, a bird not otherwise known from Misool, will be listed at the end of this article as a doubtful record. For information and for access to material under their care I am indebted to Mr. I. C. J. Galbraith (British Museum (Natural History), Sub-department of Ornithology, Tring), Dr. S. D. Ripley (Secretary, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.), Dr. C. Sibley (Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven, Connecticut), Dr. J. Wattel and Mr. C. S. Roselaar (Zoölogisch Museum, Amsterdam). ADDITIONAL SPECIES Gallinago megala Swinhoe Gallinago megala Swinhoe, 1861, Ibis, 3: 343 — by inference several