This paper contains the descriptions of one new genus, 3 new species and notes on three other species. The specimens are from the collections of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie and the Drake collection. The types are deposited as indicated beneath the descriptions of the new species. FAMILY PIESMIDAE Miespa, nov. gen. Head very broad, short; jugae and tylus subequal in length; eyes exserted; ocelli placed just in front of anterior margin of pronotum. Antennae moderately long, slender, the segments almost of equal lengths; I very stout, the others slender; antenniferous tubercles short, subconical, directed forward. Rostrum moderately long, placed in a shallow furrow, the sides of furrow raised on prosternum. Middle and hind coxae placed close together. Legs rather short, the femora moderately thickened. Pronotum subquadrate, transversely swollen through humeri, closely pitted, narrower in front; median carinae barely distinct or obselete; hind margin of pronotum broadly extended at middle; collar distinct, with anterior margin truncate; paranota wider and areolate in front, obsolete behind. Scutellum small, exposed. Elytra narrowed apically, with distinct membrane; membrane with four oblique nervures, the first vein short; areas of elytra about the same as in Piesma. Generotype, Mcatella reedi Drake from Chile. In this genus the head is very similar to Mcatella and the elytra to the genus Piesma. The membrane of elytra is present in the latter and absent in the former. The short-winged form is unknown. Miespa reedi (Drake)