The collection of reptiles from Simalur, made by Mr. Edw. Jacobson in 1913 is a very interesting one and consists of 35 species: Lacertilia 17, Chelonia and Crocodilia 2, Ophidia 16. Besides, some reptiles were collected at Pulu Babi, at Pulu Si Laut (one of the Cocos Islands, north off Simalur) and near Saibi on Siberut, one of the Mentawei Islands. In none of these islands, reptiles have been collected previously. Publications about reptiles, collected in the other islands lying in a long line west off Sumatra exist: Nias. 1. Boulenger, in Ann. Nat. Hist. (5) XVI 1885, p. 388. 2. Fischer, in Abh. Naturw. Ver. Hamburg Bd. IX Heft 1 1886, p. 3. 3. Modigliani, in Ann. Mus. Civ. Genova (2) VII 1889, p. 113. 4. Böttger, in Ber. Senckenb. Ges. 1889, p. 306. 5. v. Lidth de Jeude, in Notes Leyden Mus. Vol. XII 1890, p. 253. 6. Werner, in Jahresber. Ver. Magdeburg. 1892/93, p. 248. 7. de Rooij, in Die Insel Nias bei Sumatra van Dr. Kleiweg de Zwaan, Bd. III 1915, p. 282. Mentawei Islands (Sipora). Boulenger, in Ann. Mus. Civ. Genova (2) XIV 1895, p. 613. Engano. Vinciguerra, in Ann. Mus. Civ. Genova (2) XII 1892, p. 517. Reptiles collected on Simalur in 1913. Gymnodactylus marmoratus (Kuhl). Gonatodes kandianus (Kel.). Hemidactylus frenatus D. B.