On the basis of both detailed distributional field studies and morphological analyses, a revision of the polytypic species Albinaria hippolyti from Central and Eastern Crete is presented. True subspecies are distinguished from mere geographic varieties by the presence of narrow hybrid zones. Using this criterion, four adjoining subspecies are recognised: A. h. hippolyti (Boettger, 1878), A. h. aphrodite (Boettger, 1883), A. h. holtzi (Sturany, 1904) and A. h. harmonia subspec. nov. Additionally, two geographically isolated and conchologically distinctive forms are also treated as subspecies: A. h. arthuriana (Boettger, 1878) and A. h. asterousea subspec. nov. The geographical distribution and variability of each subspecies is described in detail. A. h. hieronymi Schilthuizen & Gittenberger, 1990, A. h. frandsci Schilthuizen & Gittenberger, 1990 and A. h. neuteboomi Schilthuizen & Gittenberger, 1990 are considered synonyms of A. h. hippolyti, A. h. aphrodite and A. h. holtzi, respectively.

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Zoologische Mededelingen

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Schilthuizen, M, Welter-Schultes, F.W, & Wiese, V. (1993). A revision of the polytypic Albinaria hippolyti (Boettger, 1878) from Crete (Gastropoda Pulmonata: Clausiliidae). Zoologische Mededelingen, 67(9), 137–157.