After Mr. F. T. Valck Lucassen's decease in september 1939 his collections have been transported to the Leiden Museum for better preservation. In 1941 the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden, could acquire these considerable collections which also included those of Janson (London) and Girard (Geneva). These collections contain a great number of species, often represented by the types or series of types, many of which described by Valck Lucassen himself. In an obituary Uyttenboogaart (1940: 1-2) gave an enumeration of all papers by Valck Lucassen, most of which are on Cetonids. The monograph on the genus Lomaptera, announced by Uyttenboogaart, had to be translated, illustrated and to be made ready for printing; it was published in 1961 by the Netherlands Entomological Society (Valck Lucassen, 1961). It is based for the greater part on specimens in Valck Lucassen's own collection, and other material from various collections in the world which was amiably lent to the author for study. In the present paper I intend to give an enumeration of the full material now present in the Leiden and Amsterdam musea, with additional notes and descriptions of species new or insufficiently known. Unfortunately some misprints occur in the monograph which cause difficulties when using the identification tables. I give corrections in this catalogue. In this catalogue (V.L.) stands for: ex collection Valck Lucassen; (N.A.M.) for: ex collection Natura Artis Magistra. For the localities, which in many cases are not to be found on current atlases, I may refer to the map I added to Valck Lucassen's monograph, in which I tried to bring together all necessary data from expedition-reports, etc. A number of locali-