New records from Papua New Guinea are given for the following species: Ophthalmoglipa australis Franciscolo, Tolidopalpus castaneicolor Ermisch, Mordellapygium elongatum Ray; the following new species are described: Paratomoxia agathae, Mordellistenoda ismayi, M. trapezoides, Glipostenoda neocastanea, Xanthomorda elegantissima, X. plazae, X. cooteri, X. paarlbergi, X. papuanica, X. aequalis, Mordellistena (Mordellistena) multicolorata, Mordellina (Pseudomordellistena) bipunctivertex, M. (P.) antennalis, M. (P.) lucida, M. (P.) moresbyensis, M. (P.) paramoresbyensis. Keys are given to the New Guinea species in the genus Xanthomorda Ermisch and in the Mordellistena subgenus Pseudomordellistena Ermisch.

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Keywords Coleoptera, Mordellidae, New Guinea, new species
Journal Zoologische Mededelingen

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Batten, R. (1990). Mordellidae (Coleoptera: Heteromera) from Papua New Guinea, with descriptions of new species. Zoologische Mededelingen, 63(12), 137–161.