TESSARATOMINAE ONCOMERINI Rhoecocoris sulciventris Stål. 1. Australia, Felder. Cumare nov. gen. Allied to Rhoecocoris Bergroth, the base of the venter with a blunt, depressed tubercle only, not spinous; the antennae fivejointed. Head flat above, eyes not very prominent. Antennae short, the first joint not reaching the apex of the head. Rostrum short, not reaching beyond the middle of the mesosternum. Orifices narrow, ending into an elevated thorn. Mesosternum anteriorly and posteriorly with elevated longitudinal keels, the medial line before the posterior keel narrowly furrowed. Type of the genus is: Cumare pallida nov. spec. (fig. 1). Pale greyish ochraceous throughout, only at both sides of the centre of the apical border of the sixth (seventh) ventral segment (in the ♀) with a dark brown spot, and the apices of the claws black. Antennae orange yellow. Upper side very densely punctured, the pronotum with irregular transverse ridges, the punctures Fig. 1. Cumare pallida. X 31/3. not darkened. Prosternum with transverse ridges. Mesosterum smooth, with a narrow central furrow, which is bifur-