Spilomyia boschmai nov. spec. Female. — Length about 16 mm. The eyes are bare, brown, with a dark marginal area and a dark longitudinal band just behind the middle; furthermore a number of dark specks is present, especially in the anterior half. The face is bright yellow, without a dark median line; it is covered as far as the bases of the antennae with rather long, erect, yellow hairs. The frons is yellow with a black median stripe extending from the black vertex to the implantation of the antennae on the antennal tubercle; in the paratype, however, the base of the antennal tubercle is yellow, interrupted in the middle with black. The pubescence of the frons is shorter than that of the face and is of a black colour. The black median stripe broadens ventrally; over its entire length the breadth is about ⅓ of the total breadth of the frons. The vertex is covered with longish black hairs which have the upper half curved forwards. The ocelli are brown and are arranged in an equilateral triangle. The occiput is dusty gray and bears a row of short black bristles, behind which there is a row of longer black hairs. The antennae are brown; the third segment being slightly darker dorsally, it is rounded and about as long as the second segment. The arista is pale brown, it is longer than the antenna. The thorax is dull black with the usual colour-pattern. The yellow longitudinal lines are about parallel, their tops, which are somewhat narrowed, are slightly converging; the two posterior lines are fused to a crescentshaped spot. The pubescence is short, largely black and about erect; at the yellow areas the hairs are yellow. The pleura are black, somewhat shining, with 5 yellow spots; the pubescence is of a predominantly pale colour. The last yellow spot is much larger than the second last. The pteropleuron shows