Some new data concerning the four species of Cochlicopidae known from the Iberian peninsula, viz., Azeca goodalli, Hypnophila boissii, Cochlicopa lubrica, and C. lubricella, are presented. In addition, Hypnophila malagana spec. nov. is described (by Gittenberger & Menkhorst). Cochlicopa lubrica (Müller, 1774) is designated (by Gittenberger & Waldén) as the type-species of Cochlicopa Férussac, April 1821. It is shown that the genus name Cionella Jeffreys, 1829, should not be used instead of Cochlicopa Férussac, April 1821. The genus Cryptazeca, still of uncertain systematic position, but conchologically similar to the Cochlicopidae, is revised. Anatomical characters could not be used. The data concerning Cryptazeca monodonta, C. subcylindrica, and C. vasconica are summarized. In addition C. kobelti spec. nov. is described.