In his paper on a collection of Reptiles and Amphibians from Surinam VAN LIDTH DE JEUDE (1904, p. 84) mentions a specimen of Glauconia (= Leptotyphlops) macrolepis PTRS. Examination of this specimen showed that it differs in several characters from that species and I believe it to be a species new to science which I propose to name in honor of Professor Dr. J. E. W. IHLE of the Zoological Laboratory, University of Amsterdam, who always takes such a kind interest in my work and whom I always find willing to help me with advice. Leptotyphlops ihlei nov. spec. Syn.: Glauconia macrolepis. VAN LIDTH DE JEUDE, Notes Leyden Museum XXV, 1904, p. 84. (non PETERS). Type: A single specimen from Toegoemoetoe, Surinam, 19—II—1903, collected by the Saramacca Expedition; 'sRijks Museum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden, Herpet. n°. 4466. Diagnosis: A Leptotyphlops of the group possessing supraoculars and differing from the other South-American members of this group by the fusing of the basal parts of second upper labial and ocular. From L. macrolepis it differs, besides in the character mentioned, in the second upper labial which extends to the level of the eye and in the rostral which does not reach the level of the eyes. Description: Snout rounded, projecting. Supraoculars present, not very large, separated by one scale, not in contact with the supralabials. Rostral not quite reaching the level of the eyes. Nasal completely divided. Three upper labials, two in front of the ocular and one behind that shield; the basal part of the second supralabial has fused with that of the ocular