Mr. E. Jacobson has submitted to my examination the species of the families Aradidae, Henicocephalidae, Hydrometridae, Gerridae, and the subfamily Ploeariinae of the Reduviidae, collected in Java partly by himself, partly by Mr. Th. H. Mac Gillavry. A list of them is given below, with descriptions of a few unknown species. The name of the collector is indicated after the localities. Fam. ARADIDAE. 1. Artabanus bilobiceps Leth. Banjoewangi (Mc G.). Not previously recorded from Java. 2. Mezira membranacea Fabr. Banjoewangi and Tjinjiroean (Mc G.). 3. Neuroctenus serrulatus Stål. Banjoewangi (Mc G.). 4. Neuroctenus medius Bergr. Banjoewangi (Mc G.). Fam. REDUVIIDAE. Subfam. PLOEARIINAE. 1. Luteva culicina n. sp. Fusco-testacea, lobo postico capitis et pronoto vitta angusta media albotestacea notatis, antennis fuscis, femoribus anticis apice magis infuscatis, annulo apicali angusto femorum mediorum et latiusculo posticorum atque annulo angusto subbasali tibiarum mediarum et latiusculo basali posticarum albis. Caput prothoraci subaeque longum, parte postoculari quam anteoculari paullo breviore, oculis in utroque sexu per altitudinem totam