Euproctis allocota sp. nov. ♀. Palpus upturned, orange buff. Antenna rather long, cinnamon buff, the shaft tipped with pinkish buff. Head and thorax light orange yellow, mixed at the base of tegula with whitish. Abdomen snuff brown, ringed at the base of each segment with whitish; basal segments light orange yellow. Pectus, venter and legs pale orange yellow, the femur of fore-leg darker. Fore-wing pale orange yellow, a conspicuous patch of Hay's russet in the subbasal area below the cell, also along the whole of the inner marginal area between the anal vein and the margin; a band of Verona brown irroration along the lower half of the cell and between veins M1 and M2 to the subterminal area; further Verona brown irroration interneurally from costa to inner margin between the postmedial and subterminal areas; fringe pale orange yellow. Hind-wing, and underside of both wings, together with the fringes, cream buff. Expanse: 46 mm. 1 ♀ (holotype) Kananggar, O. Soemba, 700 metres, May 1925, Dammerman; in Leiden Museum. This insect is marked in a striking and unusual manner, and I do not know of any other species to which it approaches at all closely.