Xenia verseveldti, a new species of the Xeniidae is described, based upon material from the coral reefs of the Sinai peninsula, Red Sea. Two other, closely related Xenia species are commented upon. The structure of Xenia sclerites is presented by scanning electron microscopy, indicating a unique structure of corpuscular aggregations. A systematic list of all Xeniidae recorded from the Red Sea, along with some new records, is presented.

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Keywords Cnidaria, Octocorallia, Xeniidae, new species, Red Sea, Sinai
Journal Zoologische Mededelingen

Released under the CC-BY 4.0 ("Attribution") License

Benayahu, Y. (1990). Xeniidae (Cnidaria: Octocorallia) from the Red Sea, with the description of a new species. Zoologische Mededelingen, 64(9), 113–120.