At the moment 36 species of lizards (6 Gekkonidae, 12 Iguanidae, 1 Scincidae and 17 Teiidae) are known for certain to occur in French Guiana. Of these 36 species, four are reported from that country for the first time (Anolis marmoratus speciosus Garman, Cercosaura o. ocellata Wagler, Prionodactylus argulus (W. Peters) and Tretioscincus agilis (Ruthven)). Moreover, there remain four species of which the occurrence in French Guiana is very likely and which presumably will be found when more lizards are collected by specialists. Eleven species were erroneously reported from French Guiana by various authors. The reasons for their removal from the list of French Guianese lizards are given. The zoogeographical conclusions of Hoogmoed (1973) remain valid, although his arguments are weakened by the presence of Kentropyx borckianus W. Peters in the western part of French Guiana, a fact he was acquainted with, but which unfortunately he did not incorporate in his zoogeographical conclusions. Also the north-western limit of the distribution of Dracaena guianensis Daudin appears not to be formed by the river Sinnamary, but by the Rio Araguari, which is a further weakening of part of the first author's (1973) views.