Until now only three species of the genus Baeturia have been recorded from New Guinea, viz., B. bicolorata Distant, B. viridicata Distant, and B. nana Jacobi. As I had the opportunity to study a fairly large collection of this group from different sources, collected in New Guinea, it appeared to me that this country lodges quite a number of Baeturia species, of which the present paper gives a the first account. I am sure, however, that a large number of species is not yet known to me, the more so as I left a number of species, of which my material was not sufficient, still undescribed. As concerns the genus Baeturia itself, it seems not improbable that in future we are to divide it into two or more genera. As in my opinion, this only is to be done when treating of the group as a whole, and not in a paper dealing only with a geographic area, I must renounce from this now. For convenience, however, I can point to the structural differences in the frontal part of the vertex, which allow us to group the species into four sections, which, however, are not in all cases clearly separated. In the first series of species the front is distinctly swollen, medially furrowed beneath, carinate in the middle and bicarinate in the upper part. The frontal part of the vertex thus is distinctly triangularly protruding, hardly broader than long, like in Muda Distant, but the structure of the male as well as of the female genitalia is very different, which brings the species into Baeturia. Baeturia nasuta nov. spec. Figs. 1-2. Colour reddish ochraceous, more or less speckled with brown. In the male the sides of the abdomen are of a lighter tinge, but the 3d-8th segments show dark brown patches laterally, and a medial dorsal line is usually darkened. Ocelli