During several visits to the Zoological Museum, Amsterdam, I have been able to study the whole collection of Cirripeds. Most of the material is already known from Hoek's important study of the Siboga collection. Yet there was some material left undetermined. By the courtesy of the Director, Professor De Beaufort, I have been able to work out this material. For this I want to express here my best thanks, including in this also thanks to the Curator Dr. H. Engel, who afforded me much help by giving information about the localities. Duplicates of this collection are preserved in the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden. In the present paper I have taken up only those species of the collection which are from the Indomalayan region. The rest of the unidentified material is rather small and most of the species are from the African waters. The material dealt with here is also from another point of view homogeneous as most of the finds are taken during the cruises of the „Gier" in the years 1907 and 1908. Some specimens from this expedition are already included in Hoek's description of the Siboga material. Those are not dealt with in the present paper. During my work on this paper another publication about the Indomalayan Cirripedia was published by Broch (1931). From several papers our knowledge of this region is rather good. Still it has been possible to add some new species in the present paper. First a list of the species and subspecies in the collection may be given. For exact informations about the localities I refer to the detailed