On the following pages I give a list of the snakes collected by Mr. Edw. Jacobson, during various excursions, which he made in the Padang Highlands and in the country of Korintji. Mr. Jacobson, to whom the Leiden Museum is already indebted for many valuable collections of East-Indian animals, kindly presented these snakes to our Museum. The collection though not a large one is a very valuable one, and proves the importance of a careful investigation of the fauna of CentralSumatra. Of the 36 species, 2 species and one variety are new to science, viz. Pseudoxenodon Jacobsonii, Calamaria crassa, and Simotes annulifer Blgr. var. annulata. Moreover the collection contains a specimen of Anomalochilus weberi Lidth, which is, as far as I know of, the second known specimen of this interesting form, the typical specimen being collected in Kaju-tanam, Sumatra by Prof. Max Weber. Coluber taeniurus Cope and Calamaria leucocephala Dum. and Bibr. were until now not represented in our collections. 1. Python reticulatus (Schneider). A young specimen from Muara Kiawai, Ophir districts, Padang Highlands, VI, 1915. Ventrals 309. Anal undivided, subcaudals 91/91. 2. Anomalochilus weberi Lidth. One specimen from Tanangtalu, Ophir districts, Padang Highlands, V, 1915. As to the pholidosis of the head and the number of scales on the body this specimen very well agrees with the typical specimen in the Leiden Museum. Frontal quadrangular, much broader than long, the anterior angle very obtuse, nearly straight, the posterior angle rounded.