As a result of a trip which I made to S. and C. Celebes in the middle of the year 1936 I am now much pleased to describe a new Brahmaea form, which was sent in by a native collector in one male specimen only. Though abundantly different from Continental species one is forced to see at once the very near relationship between this new form and Brahmaea hearseyi White, as a subspecies of which I will describe it here. Brahmaea hearseyi celebica nov. subspec. (figs. 1 and 2). ♂. Small (wing length 58 mm only). Upperside: groundcolour light greyish buff as in typical hearseyi marked with unsharp brown undulated lines and dark spots much like in that subspecies, but different in the following points: the undulated area of fore and hind wings is filled up with dull uniformous light greyish buff between the undulated lines, whereas typical hearseyi shows a more vivid buff and is bordered basally with a thin white line at each interspace; the inwardly directed points of the undulated lines, which are sharp in hearseyi, are blunt or even rounded in celebica; the marginal parts of both wings are monotonous greyish, but the subapical part of the forewing shows an ochraceous border outwardly and backwardly of the big flat ocellar spot, which ochraceous border is followed inwardly by a faint white zigzag line beneath the elongate deep black apical spot; the white dentate lines which divide the big apical ocellar spot of hearseyi into some 7 parallel bands are reduced to faint white vein spots in celebica but the thin black line of the basal part of that ocellus which runs parallel to the white lines in hearseyi, is threefold and continuous in celebica;