In Notes on Gobioid Fishes 6, Zool. Meded. XVIII, 1935, p. 121—150. I gave some synonyms. After a study of the collection of Gobioid fishes in the British Museum (Natural History) in June 1935, I found some new synonyms, which I give below. I am much obliged to Mr. J. R. Norman, Assistant Keeper of Zoology, for his kind help during my study. Bathygobius fuscus (Rüpp.) To the synonyms given on p. 121—122 in Zool. Meded. XVIII, 1935 I add: Gobius elegans var. Cantor, Cat. Mal. Fishes, Journ. As. Soc. Bengal XVIII, (1849) 1850, p. 1161. Gobius elegans Günther, Cat. Fishes III, 1861, p. 18 (not of C. & V.). Gobius graeffii Günther, Fische der Südsee VI, Journ. Mus. Godeffroy XIII, 1877, p. 179. As I stated (1.c., p. 138), Gobius elegans var. of Cantor, Günther and Day (Fishes of India 1878, p. 293) is not identical with Gobius elegans C. & V. The type specimen of G. elegans var. Cantor, a skin, in the collection of the British Museum, belongs to Bathygobius fuscus (Rüpp.). Type specimen of G. graeffii Gthr. seen. In the same way the specimens Gobius buccatus, Batjan, Peters, Brit. Mus. 68. 7. 10. 2—3, belong to B. fuscus. Of the 4 type specimens of Gobius interstinctus Rich., West Australia, Haslar collection, which species is a synonym of Acentrogobius ornatus (Rüpp.), 3 specimens belong to that species, the 4th is a specimen of Bathygobius fuscus. Zoologische Mededeelingen XIX Glossogobius giuris (Ham. Buch.)