During the war I was able to identify some collections of birds from Sumatra, present in the Leiden Museum. These collections were brought together by E. Jacobson and W. C. van Heurn in the Padang Highlands in 1013; by W. Groeneveldt in the same area in 1914 and 1915; bij L. P. Cosquino de Bussy and by Dr. F. C. van Heurn in Deli in 1912-1913 and 1918-1919 respectively; by C. J. Batenburg in the Palembang residency between 1918 and 1920 (many skins without exact locality) and by H. R. Rookmakers in Acheen in 1930. This paper contains remarks on those specimens, which are of more special interest. For the loan of material or for most useful information I am much indebted to Dr. H. G. Deignan (Washington), A. Hoogerwerf (Buitenzorg), J. G. van Marle (Bussum), R. M. de Schauensee (Philadelphia) and Dr. K. H. Voous (Amsterdam). Treron curvirostra curvirostra (Gm.) Columba curvirostra Gmelin, Syst. Nat. 1, pt. 2, 1789, p. 777 (Malay Peninsula). The Batenburg collection contains 3 ♂♂ collected in the Palembang residency on 7-1, 18-4 and 3-7-1920. The wing measurements are 128, 125 and 127 mm, tail 69, 75, 77 mm, culmen 15 mm, tarsus 21, 20, 21 mm respectively. The small wing measurements of these birds make it very doubtful if Deli birds can be separated. Parrot (Abh. K. Bay. Akad. der Wissensch., 2. Klasse, 24, Band 1, 1907, p. 261) took this course, stating that Deli birds are smaller. Compared with the measurements of Deli birds, other Sumatra and Banka birds, which I gave in Temminckia, vol. 1, 1936, p. 8, the wing measurements of the birds from NE Sumatra fall entirely within the range of variation of those from the other parts of