The study of many new samples of fig wasps collected in Africa by Dr. J. Galil of Tel-Aviv University, Israel, revealed the unexpected fact that Ceratosolen arabicus Mayr and C. galili Wiebes develop together in the same receptacles of Ficus sycomorus L. Dr. Galil made experiments on the host relations of these species and other inhabitants of the Sycomore receptacles, the results of which will be published by him. The identification of the Agaonidae and the Torymidae Sycophagini from Dr. Galil's catches, and some notes on their distribution, are given in the present paper. Unless otherwise indicated, all samples here recorded were reared from Ficus sycomorus L. (det. Galil). The insect material is preserved in the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie (abbreviated RMNH in the text). Other abbreviations used are: BM (British Museum, Natural History), NMW (Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien), OUM (Oxford University Museum, Hope Department of Entomology), and USNM (United States National Museum). AGAONIDAE Ceratosolen arabicus Mayr and С. galili Wiebes (fig. 1) Material. — Ceratosolen arabicus Mayr: Eritrea, Ghinda, ex Ficus spec., leg. G. Rossetti, 1914, ex coll. Grandi, 2 ♀ 1 ♂ (RMNH 693; fragments ♀ slide 693b). Kenya, Isiolo, ix.1964 (Galil, no. 14), 3 ♀ 1 ♂ (RMNH 901); Lake Magadi, 20.X.1964 (Galil, no. 7), 9 ♀ 2 ♂ (RMNH 899; 3 ♀ slide 899a); Lake Magadi, 20.x.1964 (Galil, no. 8), 4 ♀ (RMNH 900) ; Kibwezi, 20.x.1964 (Galil, no. 44), 1 ♀ (RMNH 879); Mombasa, 16.11.1966 (Galil, no. 65B), 6 ♀ (RMNH 883). Tanganyika, Lake Manyara, 10.x.1964 (Galil, no. 32), 4 ♀ (RMNH 902) ; Usa, 11.x.1964 (Galil,

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Wiebes, J.T. (1968). Fig wasps from Israeli ficus Sycomorus and related East African species (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) 2. Agaonidae (concluded) and Sycophagini. Zoologische Mededelingen, 42(28), 307–320.