Two species of the genus Idiopholis Mocq. have been described of which I. collaris Mocq. is said to differ from I. everetti Shelf, chiefly in possessing a small azygous shield between the internasals, and in having a yellowishwhite collar (De Rooij, 1917, p. 142). Both species apparently are very rare. During his expeditions in Central Borneo (1894-1900) Dr. A. W. Nieuwenhuis on the Upper Mahakkam river collected two small snakes which must be referred to this genus, and which agree with I. collaris in having a whitish collar, while they agree with I. everetti in lacking the azygous shield between the internasals. As these specimens also agree with the description of I. collaris as given by De Rooij (1917, p. 142, fig. 58) with regard to the relative length of the anterior chinshields, I have referred them to this species. The scarcity of this species in collections justifies the publication of the following notes on these two specimens (♂, ♀ Mus. Leiden, Herp. reg. no. 8304 a, b). In specimen a the frontal is about as long as the prefrontals, and equals 3/8 the length of the parietals; in specimen b the frontal is slightly longer than the prefrontals, and equals half the length of the parietals. The nasals are in contact with each other ; they are about half as long as the parietals. Both specimens have two post-