Van Kampen (1924, p. 284) mentions only two species of frogs from Morotai Island; the identification of one of these was considered to be doubtful. Of snakes De Jong (1928, p. 149) records five species from this island. The study of a small collection of frogs and snakes from Morotai, presented to the Leiden Museum in 1862 by H. A. Bernstein, and of two frogs collected by Prof. H. J. Lam in 1926, allows of some additions to be made to previous lists. The species not mentioned by either Van Kampen or De Jong are indicated by an asterisk. * Hyla infrafrenata Gthr. 4 specimens, Morotai, leg. H. A. Bernstein, 1862, reg. no. 1833. * Hyla rueppelli Bttgr. 2 ♂ ♂, between Bilowoh and Goegoeti, Morotai, VI. 1926, leg. Prof. H. J. Lam. These two specimens show some differences from Hyla rueppelli, such as this species has been described from Halmaheira by Boettger (1895, p. 137; 1900, p. 373, pl. XVI figs. 12-12c). The tympanum is relatively larger; its diameter equals about half that of the eye. The groups of vomerine teeth are not circular as shown in Boettger's fig. 12c, but they are more oblong. They are placed between the choanae and not at the level of the posterior border of the choanae. In one specimen the vomerine teeth have only very weakly developed. The snout is slightly longer than the diameter of the orbit. The sides of both males show a network of brownish lines surrounding whitish spots; these whitish spots are most distinct on the anterior half of the sides. Both males have a nuptial callosity on the outer surface of the first