The first part of this paper, published earlier in this year in Zool. Meded. 39: 433-444, consists of section A, "Types of some taxa belonging to the genera Triscolia and Scolia", and section B, "Lists of the species of the genera Triscolia and Megascolia". SECTION C. LIST OF THE SPECIES OF THE GENUS SCOLIA Subspecies are not entered in this list unless they have a position different from that currently assigned to them. Scolia Fabricius, 1775 1775. Scolia Fabricius, Syst. ent.: 355. 1928. Scolia Betrem, Treubia 9 (suppl.): 247 (as subgenus). Diagnosis. — As given by Betrem, 1928: 247. Subgenus Scolia Fabricius, 1775 1941. Scolia Betrem, Notes d'Ent. chinoise 8: 126 (as section). Type-species (by subsequent designation): Scolia quadripunctata Fabricius, 1775 (= Scolia sexmaculata O. F. Müller, 1766). Unlike Discolia, Scolia is a limited section characterized by a single positive character, the presence of a dense brush of silky setae covering the base of the volsellae. It is Palearctic, penetrating the border of the Ethiopian Region. List of species of the subgenus Scolia Fabricius 1a. Scolia (Scolia) sexmaculata sexmaculata O. F. Müller, 17669). (=S. quadripunctata Fabricius, 1775). 1b. Scolia (Scolia) sexmaculata violacea Panzer, 1799. 1c. Scolia (Scolia) sexmaculata biguttata Fabricius, 1787. (= Scolia fabricii Betrem, 1935; = Scolia hispanica Betrem, 1935).