The new genus Harpagobaetis is established for the new species H. gulosus from Suriname. Harpagobaetis is only known in the larval stage and differs from other genera of Baetidae mainly in the shape of the mouthparts. Gut contents revealed that the species feeds on larvae of Diptera.

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Keywords Ephemeroptera, Harpagobaetis gen. nov., H. gulosus sp. nov., Suriname
Journal Zoologische Mededelingen

Released under the CC-BY 4.0 ("Attribution") License

Mol, A.W.M. (1986). Harpagobaetis gulosus gen. nov., spec. nov., a new mayfly from Suriname (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae). Zoologische Mededelingen, 60(4), 63–70.