Species of the genus Sertularella from the coasts of Galicia (Atlantic coast of Spain) have been studied and 5 species, S. gayi (Lamouroux, 1821), S. polyzonias (Linnaeus, 1758), S. ellisii (Deshayes & MilneEdwards, 1836), S. fusiformis (Hincks, 1861), and S. mediterranea Hartlaub, 1901, are recognized, described, and their synonymy discussed. Notes are added on two species of which the names occur repeatedly in European hydroid literature but that in our opinion belong in the southern Atlantic fauna: S. gaudichaudi (Lamouroux, 1824) and S. picta (Meyen, 1834).

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Zoologische Mededelingen

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Ramil, F., Parapar, J., & Vervoort, W. (1992). The genus Sertularella Gray, 1848 (Cnidaria: Hydroida) along the coasts of Galicia (Spain). Zoologische Mededelingen, 66(37), 493–524.