SUMMARY A. The present knowledge concerning the SW European Zospeum species is summarized. Z. schaufussi Von Frauenfeld, 1862, is redescribed and compared with Z. bellesi Gittenberger, 1973, and Ζ. suaresi spec. nov. B. Gasulliella gen. nov. is introduced for Helix simplicula Morelet, 1845. A condensed synonymy list of G. simplicula is given, the shell and the genitalia of the species are described and data on its geographical distribution are presented. Helix inchoata Morelet, 1845, is made type-species of Portugala gen. nov. and dealt with in the same way as G. simplicula. A. ON SPANISH ZOSPEUM (PULMONATA, BASOMMATOPHORA) Obviously, the discovery of a member of the genus Zospeum in northern Spain by X. Belles (Gittenberger, 1973) inaugurated a new era with regard to our knowledge concerning the systematics and the distribution of these minute terrestrial cave snails in SW Europe. Three species are known now. The present note intends to summarize the available data and thus to accelerate the process by which interesting new facts might come to light. Samples with Spanish Zospeum were collected recently by Mr. R. Suárez and other members of the very active Espeleo Club de Gracia (Barcelona), who gave the material to Mr. A. Lagar (Espeleo Club de Gracia, Barcelona), and by Mr. J. G. M. Raven (Leidschendam, The Netherlands) and Mr. J. J. Vermeulen (Santpoort, The Netherlands). I owe a debt of gratitude to these successful collectors and to Mr. A. Lagar, who most kindly presented me their material for study. I also wish to thank: Dr. B. Hauser (Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Geneva), who sent me bottom samples taken in Spanish caves by Mr. G. Favre and Mrs. R. Emery, two of which with Zospeum;