Dr. J. Klimesch, Linz, Austria, kindly entrusted me with material of Mediterranean Laspeyresiini for identification. Some rare and other, apparently new, species are treated below. I am grateful to the collector for the opportunity to study this interesting material and for the permission to retain some duplicates for the Leiden Museum collection. The types are in Dr. J. Klimesch Collection. The figures have been made by Mr. J. Wessendorp and by myself, the printing of photographs, by Mr. Chr. Hoorn. Pammene (Pammene) macrolepis spec. nov. (pl. 1 fig. 2, pl. 4 fig. 9) ♂ 10.5-12 mm (holotype 11.5 mm). Head creamy white, forehead rough, vertex densely mixed with dark grey, tufts on vertex roughly spreading. Palpus dilated posteriorly, flattened laterally, white, middle of upper edge with a black dot, apical edge of median segment mixed with black, terminal segment short, concealed, white. Antenna dark fuscous, white on upper side in certain lights. Thorax glossy light grey, a subapical creamy transverse band, dilated at the sides, angulate and interrupted in middle, apex creamy white. Abdomen glossy leaden-grey. Fore wing oblong-subtruncate, dilated, costa almost straight, apex rounded, termen gently concave below apex, rounded below, little oblique. Basal patch to 2/5, edge angulate, ill-defined; pale glossy grey-whitish, rather regularly traversed by dark fuscous-grey, narrow, angulate and interrupted fasciae, causing a rather dense marbling; remainder of wing light fulvous-fuscous with a pale bronze gloss; 3/4 of costa with six pairs of pale transverse marks, two anterior smaller, approximated, ill-defined, distant from others; third and fourth larger, oblique; fifth and sixth longer, dentoidal, becoming less