New taxa described and figured, with complete and comparative host data, include Dolichoris vasculosae gen. nov., spec. nov., Liporrhopalum gibbosae spec. nov., Blastophaga (Parapristina) verticillata (Waterston) subgen. nov., comb. nov., Blastophaga nervosae spec. nov., and B. pumilae spec. nov., and several new synonymies are proposed. The agaonids B. ishiiana Grandi, B. coronata Grandi, B. silvestriana Grandi, B. javana Mayr, Ceratosolen appendiculatus (Mayr), C. solmsi marchali Mayr and C. c. constrictus (Mayr) are redescribed and figured on the basis of long series collected in Hong Kong. The four new species represent the first records of agaonids from three different Series and one Subsection of the genus Ficus. A provisional key to females of the genera of Agaonidae, on a world basis, and a list including host and distributional data, are provided, as is also a key to both sexes of the species of Agaonidae collected from Hong Kong.