In this paper several collections of spiders are dealt with, originating from New Guinea, Bismarck Arch., Solomon Is., and from islands of the Great Barrier Reef and in the Coral Sea. Descriptions, figures and/or remarks are given of the following species: Argyope aemula (Walckenaer), A. aetherea (Walckenaer), A. appensa (Walckenaer), A. avara Thorell, A. ocyaloides L. Koch, A. picta L. Koch, A. protensa L. Koch, A. reinwardti (Doleschall), Cyrtophora cylindroides (Walckenaer), C. moluccensis (Doleschall), Cyclosa bifida (Doleschall), C. camelodes (Thorell), C. vallata (Keyserling) (compared with C. mulmeinensis (Thorell)), C. albopunctata Kulczynski, Larinia tabida (L. Koch), Araneus cordiformis (L. Koch), A. dehaani (Doleschall), A. laglaizei (Simon), A. nauticus (L. Koch), A. theisi (Walckenaer), A transmarinus (Keyserling), Anepsion peltoides (Thorell), A. hammeni Chrysanthus, A. buchi Chrysanthus, Poecilopachys verrucosa (L. Koch), Arkys lancearius Walckenaer, Herennia ornatissima (Doleschall), Nephila maculata (Fabricius), N. plumipes (Latreille), N. malabarensis (Walckenaer), Gasteracantha crucigera Bradley, G. pentagona (Walckenaer), G. scintillans Butler, G. brevispina (Doleschall), G. mediofusca (Doleschall), G. quadrispinosa (Cambridge), G. signifera Pocock, G. fasciata Guérin and G. taeniata (Walckenaer). Descriptions and figures are given of the following new species: Argyope takum ♀, Gea brongersmai ♀, Araneus poltyoides ♀, Poecilopachys minutissima ♂, Archemorus sibil ♀, A. roosdorpi ♀, Arkys nimdol ♂ and Orsinome monulfi ♀. Lists of localities only, are given for several other species.