The American species of Sirthenea are revised and keys to the 12 species and seven subspecies are given. Four new species and two new subspecies are described viz., S. ater (Brazil: Minas Geraes), S. dubia (Panama; Paraguay: Caaguazu. Argentina: Misiones; Entre Rios), S. ferdinandi (Argentina: Salta; Tucuman), S. jamaicensis (Jamaica), S. peruviana orientalis (Venezuela; Trinidad; Surinam; Brazil: Para) and S. peruviana gracilis (Brazil: Goias; Matto Grosso), whereas also some new combinations are proposed.

Zoologische Verhandelingen

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Willemse, L. (1985). A taxonomic revision of the new world species of Sirthenea (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Peiratinae). Zoologische Verhandelingen, 215(1), 1–67.