The genera of the superfamily Pterophoroidea are redescribed. Three new genera are described: Dejongia, Stockophorus and Shafferia. The characters of the genera and their states are translated into a data matrix. A majority rule consensus tree composed with PAUP serves as a basis for a phylogenetic analysis. A cladogram, representing the views of the author, based on the data acquired, is presented with argumentation. The evaluation of the characters is discussed. A new subfamily is erected, the Deuterocopinae. The Pterophorinae are redefined. The Platyptiliinae are synonymized with the Pterophorinae. The Macropiratidae, considered by Minet (1991) a subfamily or a genus of the Pterophoridae, has been raised to family rank, and is placed as the sister group of the Pterophoridae in the superfamily Pterophoroidea. A discussion is given on the biogeographical data. The only known Pterophorid fossil is discussed and placed in a time scale. A checklist is produced of all known species of Pterophoroidea arranged according to the definition of the genera as (re)described in this publication.

Pterophoroidea, Pterophoridae, Macropiratidae, revision, phylogenetics, biogeography, checklist.
Zoologische Verhandelingen

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Gielis, C. (1993). Generic revision of the superfamily Pterophoroidea (Lepidoptera). Zoologische Verhandelingen, 290(1), 1–139.