The genera of the superfamily Pterophoroidea are redescribed. Three new genera are described: Dejongia, Stockophorus and Shafferia. The characters of the genera and their states are translated into a data matrix. A majority rule consensus tree composed with PAUP serves as a basis for a phylogenetic analysis. A cladogram, representing the views of the author, based on the data acquired, is presented with argumentation. The evaluation of the characters is discussed. A new subfamily is erected, the Deuterocopinae. The Pterophorinae are redefined. The Platyptiliinae are synonymized with the Pterophorinae. The Macropiratidae, considered by Minet (1991) a subfamily or a genus of the Pterophoridae, has been raised to family rank, and is placed as the sister group of the Pterophoridae in the superfamily Pterophoroidea. A discussion is given on the biogeographical data. The only known Pterophorid fossil is discussed and placed in a time scale. A checklist is produced of all known species of Pterophoroidea arranged according to the definition of the genera as (re)described in this publication.

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Gielis, C. (1993). Generic revision of the superfamily Pterophoroidea (Lepidoptera). Zoologische Verhandelingen, 290(1), 1–139.