An index to all names of Odonata mentioned in publications of Maurits Anne Lieftinck (19041985) is provided. Lieftinck mainly published on the Odonata faunas of the Indo-Australian and Palaearctic regions. He revised many genera, described over 600 species and also examined hundreds of primary types of previously described species. He included with his descriptions and revisions accurate line illustrations and carefully composed lists of synonymies and references. The index to his works is therefore a key to nearly the full literature of Indo-Australian Odonata, as well as to valuable museum collections of, especially Indo-Australian, Odonata.

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van Tol, J. (1992). An annotated index to names of Odonata used in publications by M. A. Lieftinck. Zoologische Verhandelingen, 279(1), 1–263.