A catalog of 79 species of freshwater fishes collected by Kuhl and van Hasselt in western Java in 1820-23 is presented, based on examination of publications, archival materials and specimens in Paris and Leiden. Archival material includes copies of their original drawings (many watercoloured) and handwritten descriptions in Latin and German or Dutch of nearly all of their new genera and species in rough drafts and in near final or final version ready for publication. A number of the descriptions, such as that of Dermogenys pusilla, include extensive anatomical and biological observations. Study of the manuscripts, drawings, and specimens has resulted in numerous reidentifications and new records, including a number of species not previously reported from Java and some species now perhaps extinct there, e.g. Chitala lopis and Macrochirichthys macrochir. Type material is identified for most of the species of freshwater fishes based on Kuhl and van Hasselt material. Neotypes are designated for the catfish Mystus nigriceps and anabantoid Trichopsis vittata. Systematic changes resulting from the present study include placement of Tor douronensis, T. soro and T. tambroides as junior synonyms of T. tambra, and Mystus micracanthus as junior synonym of M. nigriceps.

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Zoologische Verhandelingen

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Roberts, T.R. (1993). The freshwater fishes of Java, as observed by Kuhl and van Hasselt in 1820-23. Zoologische Verhandelingen, 285(1), 1–94.