The genera of the subfamily Rogadinae Foerster, 1862 sensu stricto from the Afrotropical and W. Palaearctic regions are revised. Keys to the species of several genera are given and all genera are fully illustrated. Five new genera are described: Aspidorogas gen. nov. (type species: Aspidorogas fuscipennis spec. nov.), Korupia gen. nov. (type species: Korupia curvinervis spec. nov.), Myocron gen. nov. (type species: Myocron antefurcale spec. nov.), Pholichora gen. nov. (type species: Hemigyroneuron madagascariensis Granger, 1949), and Rectivena gen. nov. (type species: Cystomastax madagascariensis Granger, 1949). Two taxa are renamed: Aleiodes convexus nom. nov. for A. rufithorax (Enderlein, 1912) nec Cameron, 1911, and Scoporogas nom. nov. for Scopophthalmus Szépligeti, 1914 nec Agassiz, 1846. Two new tribes are proposed: Clinocentrini to include Clinocentrus Haliday, 1833 and related genera, and Yeliconini (of the subfamily Betylobraconinae sensu lato) to include Yelicones Cameron, 1887, which was formerly included in the Rogadinae. Additionally twelve new species are described: Acanthormius sumatrensis spec. nov. from Indonesia, Aspidorogas fuscipennis spec. nov. from Zaire, Hemigyroneuron certum spec. nov. from Malagasy, Korupia curvinervis spec. nov. from Cameroons, Myocron antefurcale spec. nov. from S. Africa and Kenya, M. macrocellatum spec. nov. from Malagasy, M. striatum spec. nov. from Cameroons, Pholichora inopina spec. nov. from Malagasy, P. bipanna spec. nov. from Nigeria, Rectivena intermediata spec. nov. and R. lineata spec. nov. from Cameroons, and R. punctata spec. nov. from Uganda. Eleven genera are synonymized: Camptocentrus Kriechbaumer, 1894, and Microrhogas Cameron, 1910 with Clinocentrus Haliday, 1833; Neontsira Rohwer, 1924 and Eorhyssalus Belokobylskij, 1989 with Tebennotoma Enderlein, 1912; Petalodes Wesmael, 1838, Nebartha Walker, 1860, Chelonorhogas Enderlein, 1912, Leluthinus Enderlein, 1912, Aleiorhogas Baker, 1917, Heterogamoides Fullaway, 1919, and Hyperstemma Shestakov, 1940 with Aleiodes Wesmael, 1838. Six species are synonymized: Chremylus striatus Szépligeti, 1908 with Pentatermus carinatus Hedqvist, 1963; Orthorhogas gerardi Shenefelt, 1969 with Rectivena limacodiphaga (Shenefelt, 1969); Aleiodes heterogaster Wesmael, 1838 with A. albitibia (HerrichSchäffer, 1838); Petalodes unicolor Wesmael, 1838 with Aleiodes compressor (Herrich-Schäffer, 1838); Gyroneuron africanum Brues, 1924 with Cordylorhogas trifasciatus Enderlein, 1920, and Diachasma rimulosa Marshall, 1898 with Triraphis tricolor (Wesmael, 1838). Thirty new combinations are given: Pentatermus striatus (Szépligeti, 1908), Tebennotoma typica (Rohwer, 1924); T. aciculata (Belokobylskij, 1989); Clinocentrus kriechbaumeri (Fahringer, 1941); Aleiodes africanus (Enderlein, 1920); A. bicoloratus (Enderlein, 1920); A. nigripes (Enderlein, 1920); A. mongolicus (Telenga, 1941); Colastomion bicoloricorne (Granger, 1949); C. concolor (Szépligeti, 1911); C. nigricorne (Granger, 1949); C. tristis (Granger, 1949); Myocron albitarsus (Szépligeti, 1911); M. persimile (Szépligeti, 1914); M. nigriceps (Szépligeti, 1914); M. voeltzkowi (Szépligeti, 1913); Rectivena antennata (Granger, 1949); R. madagascariensis (Granger, 1949); R. limacodiphaga (Shenefelt, 1969); Pholichora madagascariensis (Granger, 1949); P. apicalis (Brues, 1926); Scoporogas jeanneli (Szépligeti, 1914); Triraphis gregarius (Watanabe, 1970); T. nigrovenosus (Vojnovskaja-Krieger, 1935); T. roxanus (Telenga, 1941); T. harrisinae (Ashmead, 1889); T. discoideus (Cresson, 1869); Mesobracon inermis (Guérin-Méneville, 1848); Xenolobus fuliginosa (Shenefelt, 1979); X. promisca (Shenefelt, 1979). Lectotypes are designated of the following species: Triraphis discolor (Ruthe, 1855); Colastomion bicoloricorne (Granger, 1949); C. nigricorne (Granger, 1949); Iporhogas infuscatipennis Granger, 1949; Myocron albitarsus (Szépligeti, 1911); Pholichora madagascariensis (Granger, 1949); Rectivena madagascariensis (Granger, 1949).

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van Achterberg, C. (1991). Revision of the genera of the Afrotropical and W. Palaearctic Rogadinae Foerster (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Zoologische Verhandelingen, 273(1), 1–101.