Anticipating a revision of the genera and subgenera of the tribe Anthophorini, a number of south-east Asiatic species previously included in Anthophora Latreille, are transferred by the author to Amegilla Friese. The types were studied of Anthophora villosula F. Smith, and of 19 valid and 3 invalid species of Amegilla (i.e., of all species discussed, except that of himalajensis Radoszkowski), and a key to their identification is included. The following new species are described: A. proboscidea, ♀ (Simalur I.), sumatrana, ♂♀ (Sumatra), pagdeni, ♂ ♀ (Malaya), and leptocoma, ♂ ♀ (Siam & Malaya). Re-descriptions of both sexes and figures are given of A. insularis (F. Smith), himalajensis (Radoszkowski), florea (F. Smith), and urens (Cockerell). Apart from the specific descriptions, notes and records are provided concerning geographical distribution, new localities, and the identity of plants visited. The following cases of synonymy are established : A. fulvohirta Meade-Waldo, 1914 (= insularis F. Smith, 1858) A. proserpina Gribodo, 1893 (= himalajensis Radoszkowski, 1882) A. pahangensis Meade-Waldo, 1914 (= himalajensis Radoszkowski, 1882) A. pahangensis Cockerell, 1927 (= pendleburyi Cockerell, 1929) A. anthreptes Lieftinck, 1944 (= pendleburyi Cockerell, 1929) Anthophora villosula auct, nec F. Smith, 1854 (= Amegilla spec. diff.) Anthophora soror J. Pérez, 1905 (= Anthophora villosula F. Smith, 1854) Anthophora pingshiangensis Strand, 1913 (= Anthophora villosula F. Smith, 1854)