Our knowledge concerning the recent and fossil species and subspecies of the Aciculidae is summarized. After some introductionary chapters concerning habitat, anatomy, shell morphology and distribution, both in time and geographical, all taxa are dealt with systematically. In total 56 recent species of Aciculidae are characterized, belonging to Acicula (20), Menkia (1), Platyla (25) and Renea (10). In addition 15 fossil species are recognized, in Acicula (5), Menkia (1), Platyla (6) and Renea (3). Four Acicula species and one Platyla species are known from the Miocene to the Recent. Keys enable the identification down to the subspecies level. Synonymy lists are given. The species and subspecies are described and illustrated. Distributional data are summarized on UTMgrid-maps. In total 16 (sub)species are described as new to science, viz. Acicula disjuncta spec. nov., A. hausdorfi spec. nov., A. lineolata banki subspec. nov., A. multilineata spec. nov., A. riedeli spec. nov., Platyla falkneri spec. nov., P. maasseni spec. nov., P. minutissima spec. nov., P. peloponnesica spec. nov., P. pezzolii spec. nov., P. procax spec. nov., P. turcica spec. nov., Renea gormonti spec. nov., R. kobelti albanica subspec. nov., R. paillona spec. nov. and R. singularis ripkeni subspec. nov. Neotypes are designated for Acme elegantissima Pini, 1884 and Acme microspira Pini, 1884. Lectotypes are designated for the following nominal taxa: Acme lineata var. alba Jeffreys, 1862; Hyalacme beieri Käufel, 1930; Acme benoiti Bourguignat, 1864; Acme carpatica Wagner, 1912; Acme cryptomena De Folin & Bérillon, 1877; Acme curtii Wagner, 1912; Acme dupuyi Paladilhe, 1868; Turbo fuscus Montagu, 1803; Acme kobelti Wagner, 1910; Acme letourneuxi Bourguignat, 1864; Acme banatica leptocheila Wagner, 1915; Auricula lineata Draparnaud, 1805; Acicula moussoni Boettger, 1879; Acme moutonii Dupuy, 1849; Acme oedogyra Paladilhe, 1868; Acme (Platyla) oltenica Negrea, 1963; Acme pironae Pollonera, 1889; Acme lineata var. sinistrorsa Jeffreys, 1862; Acme transsilvanica Wagner, 1912; Acme wilhelmi Wagner, 1910.

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Boeters, H. D., Gittenberger, E., & Subai, P. (1989). Die Aciculidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda Prosobranchia). Zoologische Verhandelingen, 252(1), 1–230.