The present paper contains a number of new facts concerning Indomalayan Pterophyllinae, which came to my attention after the publication of my first paper on this subfamily (De Jong, 1938 1))· Further it contains the description of new species: Cymatomera blötei and Tegrolcinia karnyi, an allotype: ♂ Olcinia dentata De Jong, three plesioallotypes: ♂ Phyllomimus punctiger Karny, ♀ Tympanoptera annulata Karny, and ♂ Heteraprium inversum (Brunner v. Watt.), and it gives more details about a number of genera and their interrelation, e.g., Morsimus Stål and allied genera. More details are also given of a number of species hitherto insufficiently known, indomalayan as well as african species. Moreover, some material is mentioned which I identified for other institutions, viz., the Zoölogisch Museum at Amsterdam, the Museum voor het Onderwijs at The Hague, and the Zoologisches Institut at Halle a.d. Saale, for the loan of which I express my gratitude to the Directors of these institutions. A special word of thanks is due to Mr. C. Willemse (Eygelshoven) for his willingness to place his library and his african Pterophyllids at my disposal. The classification used here, as well as in my first paper on this subject, is based on the excellent fundamental work by Brunner von Wattenwyl "Monographie der Pseudophylliden" (1895), Kirby's Synonymic Catalogue (1906, 1910), Hebard's elaborate paper on Orthoptera from the Far East (1922), and many papers by Karny (1907-1931). From Dr. Max Beier in Vienna I received valuable information concerning synonyms and the place of some species and genera in the system, for which I express my sincere thanks.