In continuation of my first revisional paper on the subfamily Olethreutinae dealing with the Lobesia complex (1954) I now present a revision of the genus Bactra Stephens. Chiefly the species from the Malayan region are treated, but also references to some species from other regions are made, as far as these species were available for study. I use this opportunity also to make some amendments to my paper on Meyrick types in the British Museum (1950). Material from New Guinea and of the Sumba Expedition 1948 will be treated in other papers. The material that served for this revision comprises chiefly the collection of the Leiden Museum (indicated below with "L.M."). A small, but valuable addition form materials from museums in the United States. I am grateful to Dr. Mont A. Cazier, of the American Museum of Natural History (A.M.N.H.), New York, to Dr. J. F. Gates Clarke, of the United States National Museum (U.S.N.M.), Washington, D.C., and to Dr. John G. Franclemont, of the Entomological Department of Cornell University (Cornell Un. Coll.), Ithaca, New York, for their kind permission to select and to study these materials. Furthermore, Professor Dr. E. M. Hering kindly entrusted me with an important collection of Palaearctic Bactra species from the Zoologisches Museum der Humboldt Universität, Berlin, Germany. I am very grateful for the permission to retain certain duplicates from the above mentioned collections for the Leiden Museum. The genus Bactra Stephens, 1834, equals Lobesia Guenée in the difficulties it caused to its students. As easy as it is to recognize a species as a member of this genus, as difficult it was to identify the species. For a long time the classical authors regarded numerous species occurring throughout the world,