CONTENTS Introduction................... 1 III. Anapontonia denticauda Bruce, 1966, from the western Indian Ocean . . 2 IV. Mesopontonia gorgoniophila gen. nov., sp. nov., from the South China Sea 13 V. Metapontonia fungiacola gen. nov., sp. nov., from the western Indian Ocean 23 VI. The genus Tuleariocaris Hipeau-Jacotte with the description of a new species, Tuleariocaris zanzibarica sp. nov., from East Africa and New Caledonia.................. 32 VII. Periclimenes antonbruunii sp. nov., from the Comores...... 44 VIII. Periclimenes imperator sp. nov., from the Red Sea, the western Indian Ocean, and Hawaii.................. 53 IX. Periclimenes zanzibaricus sp. nov., from the western Indian Ocean ... 62 Literature cited.................. 72 INTRODUCTION Collections of pontoniid shrimps made by the author in the western Indian Ocean from 1959 to 1962 have indicated that a rich fauna belonging to this subfamily is to be found on the coral reefs of East Africa and the oceanic islands. Subsequently collections made in the South China Sea have indicated that knowledge of the Pontoniinae is still far from complete. The opportunity is taken in this paper to describe some of the more interesting forms, all of which, except one, have been found in association with invertebrate hosts. Nos. I and II of this series of notes have been published in Crustaceana (Bruce, 1966, 1966a). In addition to the individuals mentioned in the separate parts of this paper, the author particularly wishes to thank the Directors and staffs of

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Bruce, A. J. (1967). Notes on some Indo-Pacific Pontoniinae III-IX descriptions of some new genera and species from the Western Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. Zoologische Verhandelingen, 87(1), 1–73.