The genus Cryptaspasma comprises moths of moderate or rather large size, mostly of a "dark and earthy appearance", as Edward Meyrick once characterized them. These insects usually are of different shades of purplebrown to bronze-brown, with suffused blackish spots or retination. Although distributed over the Tropics of the whole world the species follow the same type of colouring and markings everywhere. Certain species from Papua, e.g., are surprisingly similar to other from Africa, New Zealand or Peru ! Besides, this type resembles very closely that of an entirely different group of the Microlepidoptera, viz., that of the genus Acrolophus Poey, a Tineoid group from South and Central America. So close is this resemblance that Meyrick even suggested that this might be a case of mimicry. However, Acrolophus does not occur in tropical Asia where Cryptaspasma is most numerous, comparatively speaking. The obscure, monotonous colouring led several students, myself included, to the confusing of certain species, so that a vague and unsatisfactory conception of the systematics of the group resulted. This situation was a challenge for undertaking at last the here following revision, in spite of the obviously premature stage of our knowledge. Greatly would I have welcomed larger series of specimens in better condition, but they were not available. I am greatly indebted to several institutions who kindly provided me with materia), from their collections, for identification or for comparison. In the first place I wish to thank Mr. J. D. Bradley, British Museum (Natural History), London, England, for his continuous help and interest, without which this revision certainly would not have been finished; furthermore my