The author gives an enumeration of the molluscan species of the 'Twistringer Schichten" (Miocene, Northern Germany). Many of the species listed here are new to this particular facies of the Miocene of the North Sea Basin. The material studied was collected in the claypits of the brickworks at Twistringen and Woltrup. A short stratigraphical review precedes the list of species. In the systematical part nomenclatural notes and descriptions of seventeen new species and subspecies are brought together.

Scripta Geologica

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Janssen, A. (1972). Die Mollusken-Fauna der Twistringer Schichten (Miocän) von Norddeutschland = The molluscan fauna of the Twistringer Beds (Miocene) of northern Germany. Scripta Geologica, 10, 1–95.