From the recently discovered mollusc fauna of Winterswijk-Miste (The Netherlands, province of Gelderland) nineteen species of Cancellariidae are described; one of these is supposed to be derived from Chattian sediments. The Miocene (Hemmoorian) age of this fauna is supported by the cancellariid species. Among the eighteen species collected in situ four species and a subspecies appeared to be new, viz. Trigonostoma mistense, T. barnardi, T. lindeni, T. pouwi, and T. geslini josephinae. Another new species, Sveltia gliberti, is described from the Edegem Sands in Belgium. Furthermore, a new subgenus, Misteia, is introduced within the genus Trigonostoma for T. planispirum Nyst (type species), T. mistense sp. nov. and T. mutinense (Foresti)