In this first part of a revision of the Cricetidae from Vieux-Collonges (Rhône, France) the genus Cricetodon is dealt with. This genus is represented by three species, C. meini Freudenthal, 1963, C. aureus n. sp. and a third one which is not named, because it is based on one specimen only. Each of these species represents a separate evolutionary lineage.

Scripta Geologica

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Mein, P., & Freudenthal, M. (1971). Les Cricetidae (Mammalia, Rodentia) du Néogène Moyen de Vieux-Collonges. Partie 1 : le genre Cricetodon Lartet, 1851 = Middle Neogene Cricetidae of Vieux-Collonges. Part 1 : The genus Cricetodon. Scripta Geologica, 5, 1–51.