Three new scaphopod species, one new genus and one new family (Prodentalium bandeli sp. nov., Baltodentalium weitschati gen. & sp. nov., Progadilina spaethi sp. nov., Baltodentaliidae fam. nov.) are described from erratic boulders ('Ahrensburger Geschiebe') of Hoisdorf, northern Germany. The ammonoids indicate a Late Pliensbachian (Domerian, spinatus-zone) age. Four preoccupied scaphopod specific names are replaced by new names: Dentalium richardsoni Emerson, 1954 non Cossmann, 1907, from the Early Jurassic of England, by 'Dentalium' sabrinae nom. nov.; Dentalium arctoides var. multicostata Gugenberger, 1934 non Favre, 1869, from the Triassic of Austria, by Prodentalium angelae nom. nov.; Dentalium sublaeve Hall in Miller, 1877 non Cocconi, 1873, from the Carboniferous of Illinois, U.S.A., by Prodentalium fredericae nom. nov.; and Dentalium robustum Maurer, 1885 non Brazier, 1877, from the Devonian of Germany by Laevidentalium patriciae nom. nov. The protoconch of Baltodentalium weitschati gen. & sp. nov. is compared with the protoconch of Recent Antalis sp. from the Mediterranean. The shell structure of several species is documented.