New and rare flies for the Dutch fauna (Diptera) In this paper an overview is given of captures of rare and interesting Diptera, belonging to different families, mainly from the years 19941996. In total 46 species are presented, of which 13 are new to the Dutch fauna (marked with an *), viz.: Spania nigra Meigen, Philipomyia aprica (Meigen), Acrocera trigramma Loew, Paracrocera manevali Séguy, Empis nigritarsis Meigen, Empis praevia Collin, Chrysogaster rondanii Maibach & Goeldlin de Tiefenau, Pipizella zeneggenensis (Goeldlin de Tiefenau), Leopoldius brevirostris (Germar), Leopoldius coronatus (Rondani), Myopa morio Meigen, Tephritis conura (Loew), Stomorhina lunata (Fabricius).