This first part of 'The larvae of the Dutch Chironomidae' deals with the larvae of Tanypodinae and Chironomini. In chapter I an introduction is given to sampling and handling of chironomid larvae. In chapter II their general morphology and development are described, followed by a key to the subfamilies (p. 25). The key for larvae of Tanypodinae (p. 34) in many cases leads to species level . For the Chironomini the first key (p. 103) leads to a genus or species group, but sometimes a further key (with description of the genus) enables identification of the species. For every taxon the fourth instar larva is described and the most important data on life cycle and ecology are given. When using this book in other countries one should be aware of the possible occurrence of species not known from or expected in the Netherlands. Each name used in this work has been indexed on p. 271-277. The second part of this work dealing with the Orthocladiinae, is in press.

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Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen

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Moller Pillot, H. K. M. (1984). De larven der Nederlandse Chironomidae (Diptera) : Inleiding, Tanypodinae & Chironomini. Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen, 1(A), 1–277.