In southeastern France Trochoidea geyeri is mainly an upland open-ground species, which has a very discontinuous range. An altitudinal shift of T. geyeri in response to Quaternary climatic changes is described. The value of T. geyeri as a palaeoclimatic indicator species is discussed. Its distribution seems to be partly conditioned by competition with Candidula unifasciata (Poiret).

Scripta Geologica. Special Issue

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Magnin, F. (1992). [Proceedings of the symposium 'Molluscan Palaeontology' : 11th International Malacological Congress, Siena (Italy) 30th August - 5th September 1992 / A.W. Janssen and R. Janssen (editors)]: Trochoidea geyeri (Soós, 1926) (Pulmonata, Helicidae) in south-eastern France; ecology, biogeography and Quaternary history. Scripta Geologica. Special Issue, 2(14), 291–295.