Groebericeras bifrons Leanza is described from the Chacao Formation of central Mendoza and the Lo Valdês Formation of central Chile. The species appears limited to the Argentiniceras noduliferum Zone, which is traditionally placed in the lower Berriasian. Spanish records of Groebericeras appear to be younger (Hoedemaeker, 1982), while Groebericeras from Iraq were placed in the late Berriasian by comparison with the Spanish records (Howarth, 1992).

Scripta Geologica. Special Issue

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Aguirre-Urreta, M. B., & Alvarez, P. P. (1999). [Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop of the Lower Cretaceous Cephalopod Team (IGCP-Project 362) / Peter F. Rawson and Philip J. Hoedemaeker (editors)]: The Berriasian genus Groebericeras in Argentina and the problem of its age. Scripta Geologica. Special Issue, 3(2), 15–29.